Sat. Oct 1st, 2022


2019-2020 Inaugural Season


Thanks for your interest in the Pennridge Girls Ice Hockey Club!  We hope you find all the answers to your questions below. If not feel free to email us at:

Do I need experience?

Having ice hockey experience is a definite plus but no experience is necessary to join the club. One of our goals as an organization is to introduce the sport of ice hockey to as many girls as possible. We encourage anyone interested, regardless of experience, to join.

If you are not sure, feel free to come out to watch a practice or a game.  

If I have no experience, will I be playing in games?  What will I be doing?

As a member of the club, you will be classified as either:

  • Rostered member – players that are on our official team roster for USA Hockey and competing in league games.  These are members that have demonstrated enough skill in ice skating to safely participate in a game. This will be determined by the coaching staff.
  • Practice Squad member – those members who are just starting out and learning the basics of ice skating and the game of ice hockey.  These members cannot participate in league games but can participate in all other club activities including practice, scrimmage games, fund raising, promotional events and team building exercises.

How much does it cost?  

We’re not going to sugar coat this answer…ice hockey is expensive!  As we are an independent club, we do not receive any funding from the school district therefore all costs associated with running the team are provided through team dues and fundraising.  Costs will depend on if you are a rostered member or practice squad member.

As an example, rostered player costs for the 2019-2020 season were $850 for tuition plus $175 for uniforms and $56 for USA Hockey registration, total of $1,081.  For practice squad players, costs would only be $56 for the USA Hockey registration.

Please note that the cost of equipment (skates, pads, stick, helmet, etc) would be in addition to the costs noted above.  We do have a limited amount of used equipment available if needed.

Where and when are the games played and practices held?

Our home ice is Hatfield Ice located at 350 County Line Rd in Colmar.  Away games are played at various rinks including Iceline in West Chester,  Powerplay in Exton, and Iceworks in Aston. Games are once a week during the season and typically Friday nights.  Practices are at a minimum once a week every other week from September to March. During the summer months, we’ll try to practice once a month to keep the rust off our skates. 

When does the season start?  Is it too late to join the team?

The ICSHL season runs from October through mid-March.  However the actual planning process for the hockey season begins in May as player commitments are needed in order to determine if we have enough interest to move forward into the upcoming season.  That said, you can join the club anytime, but rostered players need to be evaluated and commitments made prior to September.

Is the team open to all grade levels and ages?

We are currently accepting members from 7th through 12th grade that reside within the Pennridge School district.

What is USA Hockey?

USA Hockey is the National Governing Body for the sport of ice hockey in the United States.  USA Hockey’s primary emphasis is on the support and development of grassroots hockey programs.  Members of the organization are entitled to many benefits, including a subscription to USA Hockey Magazine, the most widely circulated hockey publication in the world; excess accident, general liability and catastrophic insurance coverage; and opportunities to participate in player development camps.  Please visit for more information.